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Sponsored by Genentech, the Heroes of Hope program seeks to recognize and salute unique individuals with cystic fibrosis who strive to live full, productive lives and serve as role models to others, while managing their own healthcare needs. Nominate someone you know to be a Hero of Hope today.

Who is a Hero?

A hero is a role model who portrays hope and strength.
A hero commits to proactively managing his/her health.
A hero takes initiative and pursues goals and dreams.
A hero is motivated to live life to the fullest.
A hero has a positive approach to life.
A hero uses his/her skills to help others as well as themself.
A hero contributes to the community.

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Spotlight CFRI Heroes of Hope Ceremony

nominate a hero today!

nominate a hero today!


"As a past Heroes of Hope™ Living with CF recipient and a 54-year-old person living,
breathing and succeeding with CF, my life is not about CF... It's about me as an individual
being strong minded, strong willed, and pushing through."
- Jerry Cahill, 54-years-old, January 2006 Heroes of Hope™ Living with CF recipient

Please note: The information contained in these Heroes of Hope™ Living with CF award recipient biographies is not regularly updated. This Hero was interviewed on July 10, 2013. This information is representative only of the moment in time in which the Hero was interviewed.PUL0002001400